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Montreal Expos

From 1992 through March 1996 I was proud to work for the Montreal Expos baseball organization as the Florida Coordinator for their Fantasy Camp.  Mike Stenhouse was the owner of the camp and I had the wonderful opportunity to work along side of him for 4 years.  Mike and I became great friends and he is the Godfather of my son.  Pictured below are some of the Expos Legends that I had the opportunity to work with and play alongside in some Camp and Legends Games throughout the years.  As the Florida Coordinator I work with the Clubhouse and Training staff as well as Media relations through the organization of the Media & Sponsor Day Camp (1/2 Day Camp for Media and Sponsors of the Expos and their Florida State League affiliate).  In the 4 years of the Expos Camp we had more than 225 campers attend the week long camp in West Palm Beach.  The strike in 1994 dealt us a tough blow and by 1996 the Camp was no longer a viable business venture.  Following my days with the Expos I moved into the non-profit side of the business and began working on charity related baseball events.  In 2016 I worked with Warren Cromartie and the Revive Baseball in Montreal organization for a few months as we worked to increase awareness and create an Expos Fantasy Camp Reunion event.

Pictured: Mike Stenhouse, Al Oliver, Steve Rogers, Ellis Valentine, Tommy Hutton, Anthony Telford, Andy McGaffigan, Gary Carter & Jerry Maneul, Buck Rodgers, Larry Parrish, Jim Lyttle, Steve & Anthony and Warren Cromartie.