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 Family & Friends

Teamwork is the key to success.  Friendship is one of the most important things in life.  Both of those previous statements are so true and on this page I would like to say thank you to all of my friends (and family) that have supported my baseball dreams over the years.  Pictured on the top row are my High School buddies (Bob Rossi, Keith Luka, Daniel Lee Martin and Dennis Jenkins - Chris Torgusen from the MLBPAA is pictured too).  The bottom features my wife Karen, my son John, My Dad, my Brother and some great friends Danny (Larry the Cable Guy), Bill Lee and Eric Roukey.    My experiences on the baseball field has been awesome and what has made them even better is being there with friends and family. 

One of the most special days that I will always remember was my last Legends Game in Kokomo, Indiana where I played alongside my son at the Kindervision Legends Game.   John started in Right Field and I was behind the plate.  It was great to be with him on the field and watch him make some great plays, he even got a high-five from Rollie Fingers after a running catch.  This is what baseball is all about!